Friday, June 3, 2011

No Spending for 10 Days

Starts when we get back in town on Monday.  It's time to trim the fat off of our budget.  I figured there's no better way to accomplish that then not spend anything for 10 days and then we can see what we really need.  I'm not stocking up in any means for this event.  Actually we will be just getting back into town so it'll be really interesting to see how I can use up what we have in our cupboards for food and around the house for activities.  Now, realistically I know we can't go 10 days without spending anything at all 'cause we'll need gas to get to work, etc.  So, in the spirit of spending as little as we can I'm going to post here what I spend *if* I spend something that day.  This should be interesting....

Day 1 - $0

Day 2 - 50 cents parking downtown
             $46.37 gas for van (with fuel discount)

Day 3 - $0 On a side note our DVD player broke today.  This is a big deal since we don't have TV, but in thespirit of not spending we are waiting till the end of our 10 days to buy a new one.  Hopefully my kiddo's won't miss their 1 movie per day too much (and that I can keep my sanity without that reprieve that the DVD brings.)

Day 4 - $4 parking downtown

Day 5 - $9.11 The rest of birthday present for DSD14

Day 6 - $0

Day 7 - $47.61 gas for van (with fuel discount)
             $9.06 Wendy's (we had guests over for lunch and I didn't plan ahead to make enough for the extra ppl)

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