Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 3

Day 3...

Two things happened when I woke up this morning.  First both kids were in my bed.  That's highly uncommon.  Second I was awaken by the sound of water.  Running/dripping water.  I run out into the kitchen and the sink is overflowing onto the floor.  Water, water everywhere.  I called the resident manager.  The plumber is supposed to be out.  In the mean time I've been bailing pot fulls of water and flushing it down the toilet.  I don't trust the drains.  Now the carpet in my hallways is wet.  This is becoming such a nightmare. 

In other news I figured out how to fix the shower curtain DS6 broke yesterday.  Go me!  Now if I could just solution my plumbing problems...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 2

Day 2...

Morning went off without a hitch.  On my way home from work a huge piece of cloth was flying around the interstate.  Of course it get stuck to the front of my van so I can barely see.  I pull off and clear the debris.  Back on the interstate I go to pick up kiddo's.  We get home and somehow DS6 manages to pull down the shower curtain rod.  Great.  I can't get it back up.  What to do?  Whilst pondering that I decided to wash the dishwasher full of dirty dishes.  No drain in the kitchen remember?  Yeah.  I had to wash those bad boys by hand in the bathroom sink.  Not cool. Bet you haven't noticed this before, but the bathroom sink is lower than the kitchen sink.  Oy my back.

Day 1

So day 1..what can we say about that... DH left.  He's officially gone. 

Kids off to day care, me off to work.  Sounds normal.  When we got home I noticed standing water in my kitchen sink.  I called the Resident Manager of my apartment building.  Plumber was there within the hour.  Good, right?  WRONG.  Turns out the the main line out of my kitchen has collapsed.  The line is buried in the cement under my kitchen.  I have yet to hear exactly WHEN that's going to get's been thrown around that we'll have to move out while the work is being done. I'm *hoping* that we can just move the stuff out of the kitchen and living room (open floor plan) and put it in the bedrooms.  Then while the work is being done we can stay at my parents.  Not ideal, but it could work.  The other more drastic option being thrown around is to have to move completely.  Waaaaaa!

Chronicles of Being a Single Mommy

DH has to be away for 8 weeks for training for a job.  I though it would be interesting to chronicle my adventure of doing it all on my own.  I'll try to post every day, but we all know how that works out. to post Day 1!