Monday, October 31, 2011

I Am A Bad Mommy

I forgot to take pictures of them in their Halloween costumes.  *headpalm*  Last night was trick or treat.  We do it on the 30th here.  They made quite the haul I've gotta say.  The weather wasn't too shabby either.

So imagine an Army guy in an authentic army outfit bought at Camp Dodge (a National Guard base).  And now imagine a black and yellow bumble bee complete with one stinger.  Cute, eh?

A couple of observations:
1) The big kids don't let the littles go first.  DD3 was being ran over all night long.
2) Whatever happened to Thank You?  I know mine said it each and every time, but that was not the norm.
3) It appears that the understanding of the word ONE is lost.  I saw many kids grabbing handfuls of candy after they were told to just take one.  So many houses ran out of candy early.  It's not fair to everyone else.

Now, I'm not saying that my kids are perfect, but geesh.  Compared to some of these little candy hogs they look like freaking angles.

How was your Halloween?  Did you take any littles our trick or treating?  Did you pass out candy?  Did you dress up?

Edited to add:  I didn't take them to the pumpkin patch (they both went there on field trips for school).  We didn't carve pumpkins ('cause honestly I forgot till it was too late).  We didn't decorate our house.  I know, bad Mommy!

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