Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mail Station

Right when you walk in my front door there's a half wall.  On that half wall sits my mail station.  It looks like this:

Here's a closer look as to what's in my mail station.

Stamps, a pen, the envelopes on the right contain bills that need to be paid.  In the Longaberger basket are where our keys live in addition to a letter opener, chap stick  and extra locking clips for car seats (can never have enough of those).  After the bills get paid they get filed right away into the binder.  Read about mine here.

That's it!  That's what keeps my mail organized every day and ensures that nothing gets piled up.  Junk mail goes into the trash right away.  The rest gets filed in my binder or is put in my to pay bill section.

How do you keep your mail organized?  Any tips, hints or suggestions as to how to keep the amount of paper to a minimum?

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