Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

I have been a busy bee today getting ready for winter.  The weather's supposed to turn tomorrow so I wanted to get as much done today as I could.  Sooo today I:

*Washed the windows inside and out
*Vacuumed the entire house including under the moveable furniture i.e. the couch
*Got a flu shot for me and the flu mist for my kiddo's
*Took out all the trash I could possibly find
*Swept the patio and took in all the outside toys
*Cleaned out the van (still need to vacuum that thing in a bad way...)
*Gassed up the vehicles
*Filed all the paperwork for October that still needed filing
*Ran the books and plates up to the neighbor where they belong
*Went grocery shopping stocking up on staples and water.  Don't want to haul that crap in the snow.
*Refilled my medication
*Put the pillow cases on the new pillows and chucked the old pillows
*Put away all the crap that seemed to migrate it's way into my big closet
*Walk to school to pick up DS5 and play at the playground
*Put away the fishing gear
*Listed a stroller on craigslist
*Sorted and filed all the photo's I've been meaning to sort and file
*Got everything written down in next years calendar that I am aware of
*Wiped down the bathroom
*Dusted the living room
*Emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
*Hand washed all the knives that are hand wash only and wiped out the kitchen sink
*Put away in clear shoe boxes all sandels
*Put away all the light jackets and brought out the winter coats
*Threw away the show organizer that the kids broke
*Sorted the laundry for tomorrow

That's it so far, but the night is still young.  :)  We'll have to see what else I can find to do before the bad weather hits.  Nothing like being prepared in a well stocked, clean and organized house.

To do yet:
*Deep clean the carpets especially in the living room
*Sort through the hand-me-downs DS got from my cousin and put away the clothes that will fit this winter
*Sort through the toys and eliminate the toys that are not being played with...either donate or put away for later when the snow really hits and the "I'm bored" comes out.  Wala new toys.
*Back-up the digital photo's to my external hard drive
*Clean out my emails in boxes
*Find more stuff to list on craigslist
*Put the cover on the sandbox
*Christmas cards (It's never to early to address those suckers)
*Give out the kid's school pics
*Re-evaluate the kid's bookshelf...it's just not working...they can't seem to put the books away themselves
*Get my oil changed (I have like 500 miles till it's due)
*Get my next years bill binder set up and ready for action
*Find pics to put in some of the cute picture frames I got at Kohl's
*File my taxes (BAD Chibiko!!)
*I will keep up on laundry (the bane of my existence)
*See Breaking Dawn in the theater...living the high life there :)
*Apply for a job should the right type of job come along...not in any hurry here 'cause it's a pain in the butt to find daycare that will transport DD3 to preschool, but it's definitely on the back burner
*Stop making insanely long to do lists and take time to enjoy life

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  1. I also re-filled all the soap containers, but that's not why I wanted to leave a comment. 1) by leaving a comment I'm hoping it will pique your interest and you'll read this comment and leave one too and 2) I wanted to say that if you actually list out all the things that you do you'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. It doesn't have to take all day. Doing a little bit at a time helps too. :)