Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Dead

My beloved vacuum died.  It went out in a blaze of glory with sparks, smoke and everything.  I said a few choice words as I dumped the thing into the dumpster.

Now, here comes the fun part...which new vacuum do I get to replace it...  I like bagless uprights.  My dream vacuum is a Dyson, but that ain't gonna happen.  So, what vacuum do you use?  I vacuum about every other day.  Do you use it that frequently? In the mean time I'm borrowing a vacuum from my Mom until I can get a new one.  Since time isn't an issue I have time to save up a bit for a new one.  Any advice on the vacuum front or really any other front is welcome.

On a side note I don't think I've ever typed the word vacuum so many times at one sit down before. :)


  1. Mine is on the verge of dying too :( hubby took it apart today looking for the god awful noise it's been making and came up empty. I'll take it apart monday when he's at work and hope for better luck lol. The dyson is A-mazing and as often as I go through vacuums would probably be worth the investment but I just can't bring myself to save up that much money for a VACUUM...ugh

  2. I totally agree about spending that much on a vacuum! And I also agree that as fast as I go through vacuums it'd probably be cheaper to get a Dyson... Now, if I could just convince Hubbs that it's a NEED not a WANT we'd be golden!