Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Going Strong

Today I:

*Eliminated 31 shirts from my side of the closet
*Handed out my kiddo's school pics
*Got caught up on laundry

I also ran a bunch of errands that took up most of my morning.  DD3 is sick so I took her to the Doctors this afternoon.  Turns out she has the croup and her 2nd ever ear infection.  Poor little chickadee. 

Let's see how I'm fairing on the to do list.

To do yet:
*Deep clean the carpets especially in the living room
*Back-up the digital photo's to my external hard drive
*Find more stuff to list on craigslist
*Put the cover on the sandbox
*Christmas cards (It's never to early to address those suckers)
*Get my oil changed (I have like 500 miles till it's due)
*Get my next years bill binder set up and ready for action
*Find pics to put in some of the cute picture frames I got at Kohl's
*File my taxes (BAD Chibiko!!)
*See Breaking Dawn in the the high life there :)
*Apply for a job should the right type of job come along...not in any hurry here 'cause it's a pain in the butt to find daycare that will transport DD3 to preschool, but it's definitely on the back burner
*Stop making insanely long to do lists and take time to enjoy life

Not bad, but there's still a lot of work to do.  How are your projects coming along?  I'd love to hear about them.

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