Saturday, March 19, 2011

Books, Books Everywhere

I decided to tackle my kiddo's bookshelf today.  My youngest is a mature 2 and no longer needs board books. Time to evaluate and eliminate.  Here's their book shelf before.  It was stuffed to the gills with books to the point where they could no longer grab the book they wanted without searching and putting the book away properly....forget about it.

Before.  Books, books everywhere and no room to spare.
After.  Ahhh much better.
In the smaller basket are their books filled with snapshots of themselves and their friends.  They like being able to go and look at the pictures.  They especially love the shots of themselves as a baby.  The large basket on the top of the bookshelf hold ALL their lovies.  I'm not a big fan of lovies so I try to keep the number down.  I wouldn't mind getting rid of a few more, but I can't convince my kiddo's of that just yet.


  1. It was impressive in person, but more so when you have the before picture to compare it to! I have so far to go, it's great to have other peoples work for motivation :) Keep up the good work!

    And thanks for the books!!

  2. I'm not very good at taking pics. Hopefully the pics that I post can get the idea across. :)

  3. Thanks Suzanne! I'm doing my best to improve my living situation one space at a time.