Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We've lived here 4 years and...

...I had yet to put anything on the big expanse of bare wall above my couch.  We rent so I can't paint.  That means all my walls are a very serviceable white. Ugh. 
See, I wasn't fibbing about the white color.
Up until recently I just couldn't decide what I wanted on the wall there. As I was perusing the aisles of Target I ran across these babies super cheap on sale.  Like $3.64 each on sale.  SCORE.   This is what it looks like now above my couch and I do know that they are hung really high, but my kiddo's constantly climb and flip and dive off the couch and I didn't want wall hanging to be a danger.
What do we think about the arrangement?  Hubby wanted the sloopy look, but I'm not quite sold on it.  The mats are weaved grass and add texture.  They are intended to be used as bulletin boards, but I don't know what, if anything, I want to put on them yet.  AND I'd have to find nice, sleek pushpins to hold the materials on the boards. 

So, my fellow internet readers, what do you think?  Any ideas, suggestions, tips, comments, random musings???

And for the record I'd LOVE to get a slip cover for the couch.  I'm not digging the oatmeal color, but a free couch from my parents is a free couch from my parents.  My kiddo's play with the couch cushions daily building forts, or pretending they're safe zones from hot lava etc, making a slip cover not feasible.

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  1. Maybe use the birds to offset the slope of the frames? Loving it overall! Maybe you can find some oversize flower clips (like for hair) that you could clip onto the mats for added color? That would eliminate the need for push pins, and give you an orginal piece of "art" : )