Thursday, March 10, 2011


The kitchen is not my domain.  I would rather not eat than have to figure out how to cook something.  But those darn kids like to eat.  A lot.  So I spend much more time in the kitchen then I would like.  Now I've pretty much got most things quasi organized in the kitchen.  But the spices were bugging me.  I tried using a spice rack from Target, but that just didn't fit right.  Back that baby went.  I took everything out of the cupbard, wiped it down and put everything back waiting for inspiration to hit.  Then it did.  Back to Target I went to buy the organizer I was looking for.

Before.  Did I mention that Hubby's a Chef so we have lots of cooking stuffs.

After.  The same amount of stuff is in the cabinet.  The spices were just hiding behind all the other crap.  Now we can see what we want without having to dig around.
Much better, no?

UPDATE: We've been using the new spice organizational system for a month now and we LOVE it!  No more hunting and digging around spilling spices all over.  It makes cooking (almost) something I enjoy.  :)


  1. I see the organization, and it's beautiful. *Sigh* Patiently awaiting the day to invite to to overhaul my space ;)
    So I can't quite tell what you bought...I see it, just can't identify it.

  2. It's a Snap 'N Stack Medium Organizer by Room Essentials. It's supposed to be used for pen and craft supplies and stuff. It was under $10 at Target.

  3. I love that organizer. That's a creative way to use it. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  4. Freaking brilliant!! I have a container like that needing to be used...and I certainly have rarely used spices always cluttering up the cabinet that should be stored away.