Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wet Trash vs Dry Trash

At my house we have 'wet' trash and 'dry' trash.  Wet trashcans are in the kitchen and the bathroom.  In these trashcans anything that's considered wet goes into them including food, diapers, etc.  The rest of the trashcans are for dry trash.  Paper, tissues, etc.  I'm wondering if it's my OCD-like tendencies kicking in or do other people have wet and dry trashcans too.  So, do you have wet and dry trash or is all your trashcans designated as just trash?


  1. We should, but we don't. Perhaps we will when the kids are old enough to use the separate garbage cans.

  2. I don't remember when I started doing it, but I know it was way before kids. It started (I think) because I didn't want ANYTHING in the bedrooms that could drawl bugs. Ewwww

  3. Food can only go in the kitchen garbage cans. Otherwise, the garbage goes in the can in that room.