Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kids Clothes

I don't know how it happens, but my kiddo's end up with a ton of clothes.  I mean, honestly I don't buy them any clothes.  Period.  Most of their clothes are hand-me-downs from various friends, which I am VERY thankful for, but even the hand-me-downs seem to multiply at night. 

My kiddo's share a room, part necessity because we live in such a tiny space, part because they love sharing a room.  Harshest punishment I have dealt is separating them at night.  True story.

Up until this point Celina's clothes were kept in my closet.  Now it's a fairly good sized closet, but it wasn't handy for her to dress herself in the morning.  Time to move her clothes into their room.

Jack's clothes had been kept in 2 small dressers.  One for summer clothes and one for winter clothes.  Time to consolidate.

I hauled my happy behind to Target where, on sale, was exactly what I was looking for to aid the consolidation process.  I do already have one of these 9 cube organizers in my living room that hold all their toys (we only keep toys in the living room.  Stops them from breeding somehow.).  Behold, below are the before and after pics.

Celina's Before
Jack's summer clothes before and as you can see I staged nothing.  This is as real as it gets folks.
Jack's winter clothes before.
And After....ahhhhh so much better.  And I have since added one more cube for each of them thus eliminating the need for any of their old dressers.


  1. I don't know how to rotate pics yet. Sorry for the sideways pic.

  2. I love how it turned out! I wish I had thought of these kind of things when we were planning our kids' rooms. Oh, the money and space/organization we could have saved!!