Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do You Scrub Your Kitchen Sink?

I figured out a long time ago that if there are items in my kitchen sink my kitchen just doesn't look 'clean'.  The floors could be freshly scrubbed and the counters wiped down, but as long as there was something in the sink all my other work didn't matter.  As part of my nightly routine (and I loves me my routines) I scrub or at least wipe down my kitchen sink, faucet included.

I was surprised to learn that not everyone does this.  So, here's my question: Do you scrub your kitchen sink everyday and why or why not?


  1. Ahahahahaha. ha. ha-ha. Oh, wait, did I not answer the question? No, I do not scrub my sink nightly. I hope to someday. Between you and the Fly Lady my friend...

  2. I'm telling you somehow even if I leave 1 single thing out over night it makes me crabby to see it in the morning. I'm a much happier morning mom if I get to start my day in a clean and organized space.

  3. Yes, always clean ... sometimes even dried and shiny. I rarely do a full scrub with the Bon Ami though.