Friday, March 11, 2011

What to do About This Space??

I hate the way my linen closet is organized.  It's not very efficient and it doesn't look good.  I like the rolled towel look that many people are sporting these days, but I don't have the funds to buy the cute containers needed to achieve this look.  Plus this is a functional closet.  We are in and out of this sucker every day.  And get this.  I have never once bought towels.  They were all given to us as gifts.  Time to thin the herd?

Any tips, hints, suggestions?  I am open to try pretty much anything. 

This is what I got going on now...not so good...


  1. Shoe boxes make great containers for organizing the small stuff. And I think, with the smallish space you have, that you could still roll your towels and go containerless on them. But that's just MHO.

  2. I'll give the rolled towel look a try and post it here. Then we can vote to see if we like it or not...