Friday, March 18, 2011

A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way

When's the last time you received a thank you for something you've done for another person?  Let's take this a step further and I ask you when's the last time you actually received a thank you note in the mail?  If you're like me it's been a really long time.

As I was perusing the aisles of Target the other day I ran across these beautiful thank you notes.  They were calling my name just begging to come home with me and be sent off.  The first 5 or so went out the door with no problems.  After that though I got to thinking how small of a gesture should I be sending thank you notes out for?  I mean, yes you opened the door for me, does that get a written thank you?  So, what do you all think?  Which gestures, big or small, deserve a written thank you note?

Aren't they lovely?!?
Sorry for the blur.  The paper's shinny and I couldn't get a decent shot, but I wanted you to get the general idea.  :)
And the best part?  They were on sale!!  The blue notes were $3.24 for 50 cards and the leaf notes were $.98 for 10!!


  1. Good golly, I don't know that I could identify the last time I sent a Thank You. Wedding? Baby? Those are the only Thank You's (big and official) we receive. And I think if you appreciate something enough that you think to send a note, then you send one. When someone goes out of the way/above and beyond they would deserve a thank you. Common courtesy, though not common, probably d/n need an Official Thank You. Just a hearfelt verbal one at time of service :D

  2. More Thank You's sent! I'm on a roll baby!!